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our Philosophy
training for life outside of the gym

At KSVFitness, we believe in preparing individuals for Life Outside of the Gym. Too often, new clients become fixated on weight loss or altering their appearance, overlooking the significance of activities outside the gym. They prioritize aesthetics over functionality.

KSVFitness is a Strength & Conditioning gym where our focus is on training with a clear objective and measurable outcomes, emphasizing movement over muscle. We understand that life presents physical challenges, and being stronger translates to making everyday tasks easier or increasing one's capacity to engage in activities they need or want to do.

In essence, we train for Life Outside of the Gym. We recognize that life demands physicality, and our training aims to enhance individuals' capabilities for meeting those demands effectively.

why "strength training"?

At KSVFitness, our core belief is in preparing individuals not just for workouts within our gym walls, but for the entirety of life's demands. Often, new clients are fixated solely on weight loss or reshaping their appearance, neglecting the broader spectrum of activities beyond the gym. They prioritize looks over practicality.

KSVFitness stands out as a Strength & Conditioning gym where our primary focus is on training with distinct objectives and tangible results, prioritizing movement over mere muscle-building. We comprehend that life throws various physical challenges, and strength directly translates into smoother execution of everyday tasks or amplifies one's ability to partake in activities they desire or require.


Essentially, our training is geared towards Life Beyond the Gym. We acknowledge that life necessitates physical prowess, and our training methodologies are tailored to fortify individuals' capacities for effectively navigating those demands.

what is "conditioning"?

First let’s determine what it isn’t, conditioning isn’t cardio. Conditioning isn’t a brisk walk or burning 500 calories on the elliptical machine (you didn’t by the way).


Conditioning involves activities like lifting weights explosively, such as with power cleans or pushing a prowler. It could also encompass Tabata circuits or hill sprints.

In essence, conditioning includes loaded carries, like lugging a 75lb sandbag for a mile or more. It's about pushing your heart rate to its maximum for short bursts of 30 to 90 seconds, followed by brief rests, and then repeating the process multiple times.

The key factor in conditioning is intensity. The higher the intensity, the greater the benefits. In this context, the benefit is a boosted metabolism for anywhere from 12 to 48 hours post-workout. Essentially, this translates to burning more calories not only during the workout but also throughout the remainder of the day and even into the following day.

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