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Services and participation

At KSV Fitness we offer a variety of services from 1 on 1 Personal Training to Group Training.

Call for more details or to set up a one on one consultation.

Spartan Race Hercules Hoist
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Personal Training



One on One Personal Training 50 Minute Session
Personal Training includes meal planning and nutritional guidance, the client is responsible for maintaining a food journal and providing additional information regarding eating habits, nutritional supplements and sleep patterns
Sessions are a minimum of 2x per week with some clients choosing to train 3 and even 4 days a week. 
The schedule is set in advance and the client will usually have a dedicated day and time, for example, Monday & Wednesday at 3pm. 
Partner Training


Two on One Partner Training 50 Minute Session
Partner Training is a 50 minute session.


Partner training is training for a pair of clients with similar or at least non conflicting goals.  Usually two friends or family members will join together for partner training.


The sessions include meal planning and nutritional guidance and each person is responsible for maintaining a food journal.


Sessions are a minimum of two days a week.

Group Training


5-12 Team Members 

Group Training is for all skill/fitness levels. Group Training incorporates strength, power and conditioning and the training is scaled to the needs of the individual. Times for Group Training are set in advance and clients sign up weekly on a first come/first served basis.


Group Training 50 Min



DEKA Affiliate
Obstacle Course Racing


KSV Fitness has been participating in Obstacle Course Races since 2017 and KSV Fitness is Spartan SGX Certified
The Sacramento Spartan Super & Sprint Races are our "Home Races", however we have participated in the Tahoe & SoCal Beast and Monterey and San Jose Super & Sprint weekends.
KSV Fitness has purpose built obstacles to help you reduce the risk of burpee penalties in your first or next Obstacle Course Race


Spartan SGX Trainer
Drop In Fees and training

this is not a complete list!

Schedule an appointment now for additional information on memberships and training option

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