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Dont take my word for it, this is what some of my current and past clients have to say about the training.


Kurt helped me work through a couple of injuries and inspired my love of strength training and functional fitness. I recently attended a CrossFit class with my Tri Club and was told that I was "powerful" and had "the best form of the group." I was obviously well taught! Thanks, Kurt!


KSVFitness started me on a path to fitness that led to a career as a trainer and coach. Fantastic experience having him as a trainer!


Kurt is awesome both in working you out and keeping you ready for more. Worth every penny and more.


What is great about Kurt (and I will say that all the trainers seem great from what I can see) is that he has a focus on movement with strength. After spending 10+ years in an office that is exactly what I needed.I wanted to get stronger and hopefully bigger in all the right places...but I also knew I needed better mobility in general as well.After about 3 months now I am moving way better, I have gone from a 38 to a 34 waist and even have good definition in my upper body, legs and mid section. Though I am a long way from where I hope to be having just started this! Oh, and my back and knees do not hurt anymore.Kurt has a great way of keeping you focused, discusses diet (I learned quickly how to eat the day we train and the importance of it) and is a great teacher and trainer if that is what you are looking for.



This guy is an awesome trainer and person. I've trained with him for about 2 years and am in better shape then I've been in since high school. Work with him if you want results! Great work Kurt Velk ksvfitness


After working with 3 different trainers at 24 Hour Fitness, I was assigned to Kurt Velk. We met twice a week in Personal Training sessions for 3+ years. I am now ding BootCamp and Group Training at his gym KSV Fitness. He is my fitness trainer, one of my health advisers and a friend. After an 8 year relationship I decided that on my 70th birthday I would write this to say thank you Kurt. You are truly helping me maintain a joyful life.



Kurt is great! A real pro that knows what he is doing. After a workout at KSV I feel like I just crush all the aches and pains that nag me. I actually look forward to what Kurt calls "fun". It feels great to do my best and walk out feeling like I just did something really good for myself physically and mentally. I actually can not wait until I can get back for another class and see what challenge, "fun'" Kurt has in store for us. This ain't no average gotta check it out:)


I worked with Kurt since 2010 and I fall short of words to say that he is an amazing trainer! He really understood what I needed out of training and working with him not only builds my body but also my mind. Both my husband and I are able to perform better with demands in life because we feel challenged at KSV and are trained to overcome any obstacles. Kurt is our hero!

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