Our Vision

Training starts with movement, move well and everything else will work.  Once you move well, move more.


Most of us lose movement patterns by sitting for most of our day, a sedentary lifestyle is bad enough but once we lock ourselves into one position for hours at a time it becomes almost impossible to break that mold.



50 minutes of One on One Personal Training designed to get you to your goal.  Each client goes through a Q&A to ensure we are both on the same page with requards to your specific needs and goals.  A medical questionair is completed and then a movement evaluation is performed to asses movement patterns.  Over the course of the first few sessions each client will perform several performance tests that will be reacomplished periodically to asses improvement.


Often two people will train together creating a uniqu environment that builds teamwork and comradery....and a little competition!  Similar to personal training but now you have a partner to keep up with as well as a Trainer to deal with!



Not at focused as PERSONAL TRAINING or PARTNER TRAINING, GROUP TRAINING is a small group of 5 to 12 individuals. Group Training is 5-12 individuals broken down into groups based on skill and fitness level. Times for Group Training are set in advance and clients sign up weekly on a first come/first serve basis.



Train and prepare for military basic training, police or fire academy. Tactical Training is invitation only and is a 90 minute session.  As a retired Air Force NCO who's career field was Fire Protection (3E771 - Fire Protection Craftsman), I have a unique perspective on the training needed to help individuals prepare for a career in military service, law enforcement and fire protection or to keep current skill sharp and mission ready.