youth Strength & Conditioning


Youth Strength Conditioning is a group training program specially designed to introduce good, functional movement patterns to the youth athlete.


The youth program focuses on increasing the athlete’s general physical preparedness, strength, conditioning and improved cardiovascular capacity. The athletes will go through a safe and effective warmup made up of natural movements like bodyweight squats and lunges and then move into calisthenics exercises designed to build strength and resilience in joints and muscles without putting the skeletal growth plates at risk.

Youth Strength & Conditioning is for the Rec & Comp athlete age 10-14 who has been working with skills coaches and team coaches. Skills Coaches focus on how to play the game and Team Coaches bring those skills together on the field, but often that coaching is at the expense of strengthening the athlete and building a level of endurance to ensure the athlete is as able at the end of the game as they are at the beginning.


The Youth Strength & Conditioning Program offers safe, effective strength training techniques and introduction to weight training. The component of the program focuses on “How To” rather than “How Much”, maximal strength potential will never be realized until the athlete is able to move without muscle inhibition or movement pattern deviation. Youth Strength & Conditioning works with the athlete to improve the ability to move, this not only will allow the athlete to lift more safely, and it will also reduce the risk of injury during practice and on the field.


The Youth Strength & Conditioning Program is for athletes who are ready to learn how to effectively utilize the weight room but need coaching just as they do for their sport. Watching a sport on TV doesn't prepare an athlete to competitively play and watching someone else lift weights doesn't prepare the athlete weight train. In Youth Strength & Conditioning the athlete will focus first on "how to" and then "how well". Training will go beyond how to lift but also how to program, the importance of rest and recovery as well as how to correct problems before they can lead to potential injury.


Youth Strength & Conditioning will provide the skills coaches and team coaches with a stronger, faster athlete.


The Youth Athletes will not be eligible to participate in Open Gym, these athletes will not be allowed to train unsupervised. 

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Please review the appropriate rules and expectations file located below. The Parent, the Athlete and the Coach will review and sign the rules and expectations before beginning the training program. Additional paperwork includes the Personal Information PAR-Q and the Release Waiver for Minors, all three documents will be kept in the Athletes personal file.

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